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celebrating-pi-day-1Take advantage of this day to try out some fun things!

As we learned in school, Pi is related to math. For those of us who do not necessarily remember what for, we have a day to remind us and to be an excuse to celebrate something! From food to parties to trivia, Pi Day can be so much more than understanding a long series of numbers!


What is Pi?

Pi is an infinite number that can go on and on without repetition or pattern! It is essentially a ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. Pi is a constant number, so no matter how big or small a circle is, Pi will always be the same! We generally round Pi off to be 3.14, even though trillions of digits past that point have been calculated (wow!), and that is exactly how we find a day to celebrate. March 14th is in fact 3.14 (isn't that clever?) so people all around find creative ways to spread the Pi fever.

Eat Pie!

The easiest way to celebrate Pi day is to just eat anything relating to pie. Now this doesn't necessarily have to involve only desserts, although who could pass up a yummy pie potluck? Try out a pizza pie! If you want something a bit heartier or with more health-conscious options, whip up a homemade chicken potpie or a veggie shepherd's pie!


Represent Pi!

Have everyone in the office make your own Pi shirts. It's such an easy symbol, you can put it on almost anything. Change your desktop background to the never-ending number sequence or just a yummy slice of apple pie. Have fun with it!

Pi Party!

If you want an excuse to invite people over, have a Pi-themed party. Hold pie eating contests while other guests enjoy pina coladas. See, a lot of things can be translated to Pi. Watch Life of Pi, even if the movie has nothing to do with math. Get creative!

Healthy Pi

If you want to avoid the treat side to Pi day, incorporate it into your workout regimen. Run and bike 3.14 miles. Do 3 sets of 14 push-ups, sit-ups, etc. Numbers are always involved in working out, so try and find as many ways to make things related to Pi as possible!

No matter how you choose to celebrate Pi Day, make sure it is all about fun and spread the word so next year, everyone gets involved!

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