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iStock 181881082 CroppedThere's nothing quite as exciting as the first day of school. Remember how much fun it was picking out new school supplies and backpacks?

But you know what can be even more fun? Throwing a party in honor of the first day—Toys“R”Us calls it School Year’s Eve! Plan a special day to get kids excited about the first day of school by helping them pack their backpacks with everything they need and then commemorating the day with fun-filled family activities.

Doing the Prep Work

School Year's Eve can be lots of fun, but it's also important to get things set for school. This means deciding what to wear on the first day (laying it out the night before and making sure everything is clean) and prepping a delicious and special first-day-of-school breakfast.

Start a New Tradition

Does your family have any first-day-of-school or school year's eve traditions? If not, start one this year. Enjoy a special meal, play a game, do an activity or have your kids put on a school outfit fashion show. Come up with something to say goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year!

Setting Up Your Kids for Success

School's Year Eve is about a lot more than just a fun party! It's about marking a milestone and commemorating an exciting moment for parents and children alike; and it's about setting up your kids for success in the upcoming year, with everything they need, from fresh pencils to clean socks.

And there's no better place to get set up for the upcoming school year than Toys“R”Us. They have everything you need, from the perfect backpack to activities, games and party supplies for School Year's Eve.


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