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On the rocks but hold the alcohol please.

It's summer time, which means lots of down time and our older "little" ones looking for something to do. For those of age, partying with a spirited drink can be the usual summertime activity. And why not, they think? The issue we see is that many of the famous faces they look up to are becoming addicted or falling off the wagon, winding up in rehab (or reality TV). 

We can attribute this (and explain it to our kids) to the fact that in Hollywood, a lot of times drugs and alcohol is the norm and that for some it is hard to resist. Not a great explanation and even hearing ourselves say it we are thinking these stars have seemingly beautiful lives. Why mess with that? Well, apparently some of our fav celebs agree with us because there are a good amount (thank goodness) of Hollywood stars who just don’t do drugs and alcohol.

Some Hollywood stars who just don’t do drugs and alcohol never actually did. Then there are those who swore off the stuff years ago and have been sober ever since. While it’s become the norm almost to see a celeb with a drink in their hand at all of these fabulous events they go to, it’s actually super cool to know a lot don’t even pick up the habit.

Makes sense too with all the healthy eating and exercising going on there!

We like the whole role model thing it does for our kids. How great it is that we can tell our impressionable little (and not so little) ones that these super hot Hollywood stars just don’t do party as hard as they thought? Some think the substances are bad for you in more ways than one - J. Lo for instance stays away because she thinks it’s bad for her skin. Whatever it takes, girl. 


5 Hot Celebs Who Just Don't Drink

  • Blake Lively - She’s never even tried a drug and doesn’t like to drink. Just not her thing. Cool!
  • Kim Kardashian -  This Kardashian doesn’t drink, although her sisters like to. She’s okay with that and even sticks around to help out with those who had a little too much.
  • Natalie Portman - This actress and mom doesn’t drink or smoke - and never has.
  • Tyra Banks - Like Blake Lively, this supermodel has never done drugs. And has only had a sip of alcohol.
  • Jennifer Hudson - Although she has played roles where she had to be a boozer, Hudson said this was new to her since she’s never had a drink in her life.

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Photo Credit: PR Photos, Instagram

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