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celebrities-who-yoga-a-why-you-should-tooYoga is versatile and far-reaching, from its spiritual and mental influences to the changes it can make to your body.

Big Hollywood stars, such Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and actress Gwenyth Paltrow, agree that yoga is a practice that enriches women inwardly and outwardly. Yoga is a mindful excerise that focues on breath, consciousness and energy as well as agility, core strength and posture. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres says slowing down and holding poses are challenges. Actress Andie MacDowell calls yoga her sanctuary. Celebrities seem to have a yoga dependency. Yoga: Is it really as life-changing as they gush?

To justify that yoga is more than a fitness fad and stretching isn’t worth it to yogis – because all that matters if that we’re keenly aware of what we’re personally gaining, and even losing. Like with any belief, outsiders don’t understand, but yogis aren’t asking that they do. Yoga is a connection between the body and soul with the earth and community. Although a solo discipline and independent activity, yoga is actually an exchange of energies with ourselves and others. For many who practice yoga and its various disciplines, the cardio, detox and body toning are bonuses compared to the mental sharpness and spiritual awareness that it provides. Women, and men, of any age can engage in the practice of yoga and embrace its physical and mental benevolence.

Perry Reeves and Michelle Williams are also two Hollywood celebrities whose influential and powerful experience with yoga practices makes them admirable yogi idols.

Perry Reeves: The Sanctuary at Two Rivers

“Entourage” star Perry Reeves not only lives in a body that women dream of, but also lives in a dream yoga paradise – a Costa Rican yoga retreat surrounded by waterfalls and the jungle. The private heaven-on-earth yoga sanctuary is where she prefers to spend at least half the year away from L.A. and New York. It's an off-grid and luxurious yoga retreat and eco-friendly tropical escape where guests stay in modern-designed treehouses and wake up to daily asanas. For two years Perry has been practicing yoga and her physique and sense of self-awareness seem to be products of her yoga connection and dedication. Her refined yoga practice is symbolic of her life motto, which is “just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I should.” She tells Equinox.com, "not everything is right for everyone and you are meant to be very aware of your own situation.” Perry explains that we need to be sensitive to ourselves. Cultivate a life of purity and balance — free of incessant stimulation. 

Michelle Williams: Yoga for Single Moms

For actress Michelle Williams, she credits yoga to helping her feel relief and the ability to be a better person as well as mother. She experienced relief from yoga insomuch that she spearheaded the project Yoga for Single Moms. The project’s mission is to provide single mothers with the joy of yoga and the opportunity to do so with free childcare. Yoga for Single Moms is dedicated to providing nationwide resources for single moms who deserve body and mind wellness.

Other Hollywood A-listers agree. Christy Turlington expresses that "yoga has brought me to the part of religion I really like — the positive sides of religion, the parts we all share, rather than the things that create separation." Rebecca Romijn attributes hot yoga for dramatic body changes such as strong legs, arm definition, energy, detoxification and better posture.

Whether you’re hitting tree pose to express gratitude or doing vinyasa flow to slim down, yoga is a religion for anyone, both moms and celebrities, who seek inner peace, restoration, health and meditation.

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