celebrity-bangs-a-what-your-bangs-say-about-youWe've got five celebrity bang-inspired hairstyles for you to try this summer! 

Whoever said bangs aren’t a big deal doesn’t know how to take risks. They’ve never been daring enough to go under the scissors, and they’ve definitely never stared in the mirror in shock when a bang cut goes horribly awry. Bangs are a really big deal. But, they don't have to be a tresses tragedy as long as you match them to your true self. 

Change up your look by mimicking these stylish celebrity bangs:

Zooey Deschanel

Not only is Zooey Deschanel the beauty queen of bangs, she’s also the hipster princess of nerdy and quirky. Deschanel is admittedly gorgeous with enviable brunette locks. If you’re a carefree, "adorkable" spirit who’s not afraid to be herself, cut thick fringe bangs that complement flowing big curls or loose waves. Embrace your whimsical side by pulling side pieces back with vintage-inspired rhinestone berets.

Jennifer Lawrence

Why not aspire to be anything like Jennifer Lawrence? She’s funny, talented, hot and charming. Much like Lawrence’s sassy personality, the actress’s bangs don’t give a flying hoot! They do whatever they please and always look fantastic. One day, part bangs down the center and sweep them to the sides, or pull bangs straight across the forehead into the eyelashes. Messy hair in your face only makes you look sexier.

Michelle Obama

The first lady is a rockstar. Her short bob and fringe bangs only complement her sharp intellect, success and ambition. Even the Huffington Post agrees that officially, “Michelle Obama’s bangs are the most contentious global issue ever.” The facial fringe has even been been referred to as a midlife crisis. Please, Obama’s bangs are fierce and dynamic!


Carly Rae Jepson

Carly Rae Jepson’s bangs are as catchy as her single “Call Me Maybe" that was popular last year, but Jepson’s bangs are cute and make her eyes pop. If you have long, straight hair, chop a curtain of bangs and flat iron hair for a sleek summertime look. Cut and texturize bangs every two to three weeks so they maintain a fresh, peek-a-boo appearance.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams makes looking grim, lonely and forlorn glamorous. If you love to set trends and stylishly look down in the dumps, then be bold this summer and make a statement with a pixie cut. Cut layered bangs high across the forehead or mirror her latest edgy look: A drastic asymmetrical bob accented with exaggerated three-way parted bangs.


Whether your bangs are part of a bleach-blonde pixie do or one-sided, sharp-angled bob, they'll surely accessorize your look. Whatever your bangs say about you, make sure you wear them with class and confidence. Bangs are a bold look for a bold person!

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