Celebrity Beauty Tips and TricksIt’s award season and our favorite celebrities always look amazing when working the red carpet-but how do they get their seemingly flawless figures?

We’ve got their secrets! G.I. Jane actress Demi Moore might have the strangest method for getting fit...leeches! Yes, you read the right, unfortunately. She admitted that she once went to a doctor to have leeches suck her skin to get all of the toxins out of her body. Eek! This might sound crazy but it turns out that it’s actually a remedy that’s popular in Egypt.

AMB-000444Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (pictured above) turns to her nutritionist, Haylie Pornroy, for help. J. Lo follows The Fast Metabolism Diet, created by Pornroy, which promotes eating different food groups each day to get all of the health and nutrition you need. For example, focusing on protein one day and fruit the next. This actually sounds a good way to kick off healthy eating without feeling overwhelmed. Slow and steady ladies.

And Patrick Dempsey (better know as Dr. Derek Shepherd that we love to gawk at on “Grey’s Anatomy” and pictured at left) revealed that he works pretty hard to get his flawless body. All I have say is, he rides his bike about 100 miles a week! At least it’s not in vain. 

When it comes to makeup, model Miranda Kerr has found another use for lip balm. It turns out she rubs it around her eyes for a nice shimmer. Simply rub a little around the inner corner of your eye. Just don’t try to get too snazzy-- stick with lip balm. Lip gloss will not only stop up your pores but end up making your eye area a little stickier than you like. 

Beer isn’t only good for giving you a little buzz. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones uses it to keep her hair moisturized. Just wash your hair, use a towel to dry it before you rub a cup into your hair. Then put a plastic wrap over it for five minutes before rinsing. Denise Richards also rubs avocado on her hair as a deep condition. 

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s beauty treatment might be the craziest of all. The “Jersey Shore” star rubs kitty litter on her face to exfoliate. Yeah, you might wanna opt out of that one. But what works as a good substitute is using baking soda with water or cleanser that’s actually purposed to clean your face. 

Hopefully these tips help! You can use them for your every day beauty treatments or when you need to get extra jazzed-up for a special occasion. 


Photos: PR Photos

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