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Thandie Newton's Home Birth Choice

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thandie-newton-home-birth-choiceWhile having a baby at home with a midwife is a growing in popularity, some mothers may not wish for it to be on the bathroom floor.

Thandie Newton, 41, announced when she gave birth to her third child, the event happened on her bathroom floor.  The English actress said that she wasn't fond of hospitals since she never visited them nearly her whole life. She noted how hospitals remind her of illness and that was no place to have a baby.

While the birthing process took a more natural route, she joked about how her son thinks he has multiple mothers because of all the family that was around when she had him in the bathroom.

Booker Jombe is now 11-months-old. Even Thandie's 13 and 19-year-old were born using a midwife.

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Photo Credit: PR Photos

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