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celebs-star-struck-poshmomblogHere is a list of Hollywood stars loving the Olympics.

It’s just another reason we can say, "See they’re just like us". Even the hottest celebs can be big-time fans—we’re seeing it non-stop with the Hollywood following, tweeting and overall drooling about the Olympics and the athletes taking part in them. Even people who aren’t into the winter games will surely know what’s going on just because all the chatter going on among the Hollywood stars they follow who are loving the Olympics.

Some of the Hollywood stars who are loving the Olympics are just down and dirty fans who know all the athletes’ stats. Other stars are having a good time making jokes about the state of the Olympic Village and the Russian organizers’ handling of it. Then some are into a more political view, bashing the anti-gay rhetoric and rules that surfaced just before the games began. Whatever their take, it’s just interesting to know that these stars are not so caught up in their clubbing, call times, studio sessions and more that they don’t live in the real world like we do and that we can envision these Hollywood stars loving the Olympics from their sofas just like we do.

Celebs who are tweeting about the Olympics

Barack Obama






Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama






Seth Meyers

seth meyers olympic twitter





Nina Dobrev







We’re sure even they feel like underachievers watching these "kids" race down the mountain.

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Photo Credit: Twitter (below), Nina Dobrev Instagram (above), Seth Meyers Twitter (above)



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