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If you’re wondering who to “follow” next, check out these female celebs that are buzzing on Twitter! 

Which celebs do you follow on Twitter? Be sure to check us out at @Womensforum!


The reality star and pop culture icon has millions following her every tweet. From fashion to family fun to her many, many selfies, Kim’s social media has everyone keeping up with her and the rest of the Kardashian clan.

TAYLOR SWIFT - @TaylorSwift13

Taylor Swift loves to dish about her latest music, what she’s baking, and showing love to all of her fans. T. Swift’s handle includes her favorite number - 13. If you love cats, she often posts adorable pics of her kitty Meredith.

MILEY CYRUS - @MileyCyrus

This girl has no issues holding back - in real life or social media! She also knows how powerful social media can be. In her MTV documentary, Miley said she used Twitter as the main way to promote her album and single “We Can’t Stop.”

KATY PERRY - @KatyPerry 

The Santa Barbara raised Cali girl uses her profile to mix self-promotion of her chart-topping music as well as keeping fans in the loop of what she’s up to.

REBEL WILSON - @RebelWilson

The comedian has risen quickly over the years thanks to movies like Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect. Yet her Twitter feed is still down-to-earth…and ridiculously funny. 

ALYSSA MILANO - @AlyssaMilano

Milano’s Twitter is less self-promotion and humor and more sharing interesting and intriguing articles for us all to enjoy with her.

LENA DUNHAM - @LenaDunham 

The mastermind behind Girls tweets strong observational humor and occasional hints at what we can expect next on her hit show. 

ANNA KENDRICK - @AnnaKendrick47

The Pitch Perfect star has over a million followers who subscribe to her witty tweets and humor. 

Photo Credit: Twitter, Instagram

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