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Charlie Sheen Getting Married

charlie-sheen-engaged-brett-rossiHe couldn't be happier with his new fiance.

Charlie Sheen, 48, popped the question to Brett Rossi, 24, in Hawaii this weekend, and she said yes! Sheen flew her on a private plane to the island as a surprise and she supposedly had no idea an engagement ring would follow. 

After they shared an "epic" Valentine's Day, according to Rossi on Twitter, they watched the Saturday morning sun rise together and that's when he pulled out the ring.

Rossi shared that she couldn't be any happier and knew Sheen was her soulmate.

This will be Sheen's fourth marriage but sources close to him are saying he wants this relationship and marriage to Rossi to be the real deal this time around.

Sheen was happy to share the engagement news with his followers on Twitter too and in a sweet gesture, also showed Valentine love for his kids.



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Photo Credit: Twitter 

Desiree Cole
Desiree Cole

Desiree Cole was a business reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times, Grid magazine since the beginning of 2013. In 2010, she left Kansas to attend Columbia College Chicago. She was a reporter for the award-winning newspaper, Newcity, and also a blogger for Thank God I’m Natural. She attended the 2013 Association of Writer’s Program in Boston to soak in the industry and network with writers from all over the world. She is binding her storytelling with the magazine and online editorial industry. With an Associate Degree in Graphic Design, she now holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing.

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