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Finding deals on cheap designer bags. 

Juicy Couture, Dior, Chanelle, Fendi and Chloe are all designer bags every woman wants in her collection of handbags and purses.  Who wouldn't, right? But because women are conforming to tight budgets nowadays, having one may be out of the question.  Here's some exciting news for those who fear they can never afford a new one again! These cheap designer bags along with other designers like Gucci, Mui Mui and Burberry can be found at low discounted prices, if you know where to look.

Get Real Designer Bags for Less

Every woman needs a Dior or Fendi designer bag as part of her wardrobe right! It's a given right as a women to be able to have a handbag that cost as much as most car note's in her life time. That's if you don't mind the tremendous feeling of the guilt from buying something so expensive Why not?

And since authentic cheap designer bags are rare and most bags are priced so that only a women with a six figure income could enjoy them.  A day of guilt free splurging and buying a $750 dollar clutch Gucci handbag or a $1,000 Dior purse, is most certainly out of price range for an average women without leading to divorce or bankruptcy.

No need to worry, here are a few tips to ease the guilt of buying a cheap designer handbag and lessen the impact on the budget at the same time.  These tips can put that $900 dollar Fendi bag on your shoulder today for hundreds of dollars below retail price.  This beats putting the idea of buying an authentic bag into a long term project for your saving account.

Most people think going to the department stores like Macy's or Nordstrom's during a big blow out sales is where great prices can be found.  But most designer discount stores offer huge price cuts on designer handbags and accessories as well.

Typically before the latest fashions styles hit the market and to make room for these new styles, designer outlets try to sell last seasons' styles quickly at low discounted prices of 25 - 45 percent off most designer handbag styles and accessories.

Think about it, where that $1,200 dollar Juicy Couture designer bag might cost two thousand bucks in May with a little patience, come fall, it could be knocked down to $900 dollars or even $800 dollars in the winter. Don't hesitate to purchase a designer store bag on sale as long as you can confirm its authenticity.

But if buying a knock off designer handbag is an option, some places offer designer knock offs at prices as low as $100 dollars.   Ironically there are great designer handbag knock off that could pass for the real thing, if made from higher quality materials.

On the other hand wholesale outlets offer great discount price cuts on most designer handbags and they have sales more frequently than designer or department stores. Plus there's there is a larger selection of cheap designer purses to choose from instead of being restricted to the discount racks and isles at department stores.

Although there's the potential to spend as much money on gas as the cost of the designer purse just trying to find or getting to a wholesale outlet, with a little creativity try saving gas and money while finding a cheap designer hand bag wholesale outlet online instead  No driving, no hassle.

There are several online designer accessory outlets that offer great deals on Gucci, Mui Mui, Dior, Fendi and more.  Simply spending a day shopping online at wholesale outlets could prove to be cost, time and stress effective in the long run.  Just imagine browsing a selection of designer bags at 50-60 percent off without having to fight over the last Juicy Coture bag.

Although there is a big chance when buying online designer hand bags that some places  misrepresent and are selling or shipping poorly crafted knock off's at discounted designer prices or there may be the risk of not receiving merchandise after purchase.  Since this is a possibility, tread lightly when buying online.   This also goes for buying cheap designer bags at online auction sites.

Even though there is a good chance of buying an authentic designer hand bag for cheap at an online auction, don't get your hopes up too high since you have to bid on these designer items, which could raise the price as high as most department store sales price.  Further, the chance that the bag may be damaged or out of stock are a few things to look out for when shopping online auctions.

If you don't mind having second hand designer bags you can find great deals on used designer bags.  The second hand stores and even local swap meets offer mint condition designer bags at rock bottom prices. That is of course if you get their early enough, still it's possible to track down a Fendi or Gucci designer bag for cheap.

In the end having that designer purse you've always dreamed of is neither impossible or out of the average women's price range.  If she puts her imagination and discount shopping ability to the test, she can find just about any designer purse at a great price, less the guilt either online or off.

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