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Chicken is a staple in many of our households, and for good reason - it's versatile, healthy, easy to prepare, and packed with protein. 

However, chicken can get boring, and no parent wants to hear whining about what's for dinner. That said, there is one thing kids will practically always love, and that's chicken nuggets, strips, or tenders like Tyson Chicken Selects. All natural chicken with flavorful crispy breading makes for an excellent partner with nearly any sauce (LINK to sauce article) and healthy veggie sides. 

The Simplest Way To Get A Flavorful Chicken Dinner

Plus, they are super easy to prepare - you can just throw them in the oven or microwave while you put together the rest of the meal. Pair them with a fresh salad, roasted veggies, or any other side of your choice for a meal the whole family will love. 

Besides the aforementioned Selects (which are available at your local Kroger in the form of Grilled Nuggets, Breaded Nuggets, or Breaded Tenders), Tyson offers Crispy Chicken strips,  Chicken Nuggets, All Natural Chicken Patties, Buffalo Chicken Strips, or Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets. 

Kids Can Even Make These Themselves!

If you have older kids, they can even make these themselves for an afterschool snack! After all, if they can operate the microwave they can easily prepare these, and they'll love feeling like a grown-up by cooking themselves a tasty treat. And as an added bonus for parents, having kids who can feed themselves at least some of the time is a great thing! 

Clearly, for the busy moms who make up Womensforum, Tyson Premium selects and other chicken products are a lifesaver. So what are you waiting for - get yourself to Kroger, Dillons, Food4Less, JayC Foods, or a Quality Food Center and stock up on your own!

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