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childcare-and-working-mothersHigh Childcare Costs Can Derail Working Mother’s Careers. 

Working mothers have to reevaluate their careers and future steps because of the rising costs of childcare. While tax breaks and benefits used to help working mother’s pay for necessary childcare costs, they aren’t being offered as much anymore and working moms are suffering for it. Women balancing career and family are having a more difficult time paying for childcare and some are being forced to choose between their career and their family. 

Career or Family?

While no mother wants to sacrifice her family, having a meaningful career is important as well. Due to rising costs of childcare, a lot of working mothers have to choose a career or family. This problem is on the rise due to funds aimed at helping working mothers pay for childcare being used by government agencies for other purposes. Also adding to women having to choose a career or family is the rising cost of childcare. Average childcare costs have risen nearly 2% in the past two years and where working mothers live can also seriously affect the cost of childcare. Average childcare costs varies greatly by state and not all states offer cutbacks or help to working mothers to pay for childcare. 

Working Mother or Stay-at-Home Mother: A Tough Choice

Making the choice between career or family isn’t one women should have to make but due to severe cutbacks and lack of funds, state government isn’t supplying enough help to pay for childcare for working parents. Due to the cutbacks, working mothers are finding that their careers are falling by the wayside. Mothers who work full time but aren’t making enough money to cover the high costs of childcare are sometimes forced to choose between a career or kids…and more often than not the kids win out. While the government wants to encourage mothers to work, they aren’t putting their money where their mouth is by offering help to pay for childcare for working parents. 

How to Balance Childcare Costs and A Career

While the prospect of paying for childcare is daunting, there are some things that working mothers can do to help pay for childcare and still keep their career. 

  • Find a company that offers an on site day care. You will save gas money and these programs are very often extremely affordable. 
  • Negotiate with your company to see if they have any benefits for working mothers that could help to cover the cost of childcare. 
  • Start a babysitters club with other working mothers. By sharing your babysitters with larger groups, the price is more spread out and easier to pay for. 

Working mothers are incredible people and we should do all we can to ensure they reach their ultimate potential. What do you think? Are you a working mother with money saving ideas? Let's do it for mom, share your money saving tips for mom on Facebook and Twitter!

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