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Do you know the standards for childhood growth? Is your kid within the height and weight averages for their age, or are they under or over-weight? Have you talked to your pediatrician about your child's growth rate and key milestones? Granted, there are plenty of variations on "normal" and your kid might be tracking differently than other kids, but there is also a standard that you probably care about, at least to see if your kids are keeping up with it!

Growth Charts

While your pediatrician can definitely supply you with growth charts, checking out the ones on our partner PediaSure's website is a quick and easy option. Of course, nothing is as beneficial as talking to your child's doctor, but checking out the standard percentiles and seeing your kid fits might be good for your peace of mind in the meantime!

Childhood growth charts have been used by pediatricians and other doctors for decades to help predict how tall a child will eventually grow and as a benchmark to make sure they are tracking close to normal - and if they aren't, it's time to develop a growth plan to give them a boost!

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Growth Chart Example Courtesy of PediaSure®

Learning More About Childhood Development

You can also check out the many other resources on our sponsor PediaSure's website, or our other expert-crafted content on childhood growth and nutrition. While of course this info is no substitute for the care of a doctor or other nutritional expert, it's a great way to start learning more about how you can help your kid hit key milestones and grow up strong.

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