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children-with-stomach-pain-constipationHere's a possible solution behind your child's "stomach pain."

When your child tells you their stomach hurts, there are varying degrees of what "hurt" means.  But at the time that you are taking your child to the emergency room for stomach pain, as a parent, you're feeling pretty sure that it's something seriously wrong and are preparing yourself to hear the news.


However, a recent study looked at 10,000 child patients entering the emergency room for stomach pain. Their findings? More than 25% of the children were simply constipated.


What Causes Constipation?

Poor diet, lack of movement or sedentary lifestyle, potty training methods, and even holding their bowel movement (due to school classroom bathroom restrictions) can lead to serious constipation. Many children just don't want to tell their parents as well.  

Although it is normal to have one bowel movement per day resulting from a healthy diet, less than 50% of the population experiences that frequency. Maybe that's the link to childhood and adult obesity. Poor diets result in poor digestion and other body functions.

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