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Celebrate the Fact That A Child Has More Than One Mom

Childen with two moms are an increasingly common sight. Unfortunately sharing a child on Mother's Day isn't typically a happy thing for mothers. The problem with this is that the mom tends to make some sort of comment about the step mother, especially as Mother's Day nears. These comments are picked up on by children and it makes them feel guilty about wanting to celebrate with their step moms.

A child should never be made to feel guilty about loving the people in their life who love and care for them.  Mother's have a natural mothering instinct to be the only mother in the child's life that protects and cares for them. They have to control this instinct so that their child understands that they are loved and cared for in both of their homes.  Sharing a child on Mother's Day isn't easy but the child should never have to suffer for the choices of their adults.

How To Deal With Those Special Days That Celebrate Motherhood

How step families celebrate mother's day isn't the same for every family. In some families, the parents divorced as friends and remarriage hasn't ruined the friendship. These families can come together on special days such as Mother's Day to celebrate together allowing the child to celebrate having two mothers. Not all families are so lucky though. Some families split the day between the mother and step mother.

Sharing a Child on Mother's Day

This can be really hard on the mother as she has to give up her child for part of the day. It can also be very hard on the child who will no doubt sense their mother's feelings over them visiting the stepmom. Other families have the child celebrate Mother's Day with their mom and they do something special with their step mom on the next day. This is easier on the child because they don't have to feel guilty about leaving their mother on Mother's Day.

The family can make this even easier by calling the day after, Step Mother's Day. Then there are the unlucky children who are made to feel guilt for wanting to do something for their stepmom on Mother's Day. These poor children end up not liking Mother's Day because of what it does to their family.

Childen with two moms can feel like the luckiest children alive if the parents foster this feeling. They can share and relish the idea that they have two people to do something special for on Mother's Day. This doesn't take away from the mother's joy of her child and it doesn't diminish that relationship. This just means that the child is allowed to develop their own relationship with the step mother and is not meant to feel guilty for it.

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