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Cool Kids' Looks for Summer

childrens-clothesMust Have Cool Children's Summer Clothes

The most daunting aspect of shopping for kid's summer clothes is the astronomical prices we're expected to pay. And if that's not enough to get the back hairs on edge, what about the fact that in merely three months shopping season starts up all over again for fall fashions!  The good news is summer children's clothes come in an assortment of trendy summer styles from tie-dye children's hippie clothes to organic hemp base natural outfits, created specifically for summer weather.

Summer Fashions Tips to Keep the Kids Cool This Summer

No need to worry about the summer heat with these children clothes! In fact, cotton summer wear for children is also designed for kids comfort while frolicking in the summer heat.  Plus cotton summer wear is easy to clean, durable and cheap.  Shopping for kid's summer apparel has never been more fun! Plus parents can save tons of money while keeping up with the latest kid's clothing trends using these cool fashions tips for buying children's summer clothes.

Most of us wait way too late to shop for kids summer clothes, which is normally after summer vacation begins!   Although there are still a few sales running, they're scarce and not as cost effective as people may think.  Granted there's a small discount but when factoring in the cost for fuel driving around chasing sales we might as well pay full price at a local department store!  Therefore avoid waiting until the last minute to get in on the summer clothes sales for the kids. Instead start the summer shopping excursion just after Easter through the end of May to find the best deals on kids clothing.

Parents can find loads of cool summer fashions for kids at awesome discount prices as high as 40-50% off on most kid's apparel, if you know where to shop.  In this case keying in on children's clothing stores with the best sales can add tons of savings to the bank account.   But to really cash in on big savings shop online at reputable kids clothing sites and clean up on 75-80% off brand name kids clothes for the summer. Plus free shipping for purchases over $100 dollars at online outlets like "thebestdressedchild.com", "Loobalee.com" and "kidsoutfitsonline.com" are available year round.   Now the kids can dress in names brand fashions like; "77kids" "Gap for Kids" "Baby Gap", "LL Bean", "Pumpkin Patch" and "Hanna Montana" for a fraction of department store prices when shopping at online discount kids clothing outlets.

Another thing to consider when buying children's summer clothes is their growth patterns.  Kid's growth patterns dictate the frequency of shopping throughout the year, which equates to spending more money over all.   Simply remember younger children grow at a faster rate than teens; therefore buying clothes one size larger will save loads of money and time.  Now bearing in mind these money saving tips!  Let's check out popular kids' summer apparel styles guaranteed to keep them cool in the summer heat:

  • Children's summer clothes options should be simple and loose (not baggy) such as dresses, T-shirts and canvas shorts or light terrycloth outfits. Keeping the kids summer wardrobe plain and loose makes it easier to accessorize, mix and match and repair, plus shrinking after the first wear and wash is minimal.
  • Stick to porous materials for keeping the kids cool. Buy light summer fabric in cool summer colors instead of dark heavy fabrics. Avoid denim, wool, or insulated clothing. Comprise the children's summer fashions with cottons, linens, and jersey mesh or gauze fabrics. Also keep the environment safe by considering organic children's clothes and fabrics!
  • Avoid spandex or other form fitting fabrics, which are known to hold in heat and can be dangerous for kid's playing in the summer sun. Also form fitting materials and fashions styles, especially jeans can cause heat rashes and other skin irritations, which can make kids uncomfortable and hot!

Remember the idea is to keep the kids' comfortably happy and cool, plus save a little money in the process!  Treat the kids and the budget this year with cool summer clothes for kid's and shop with these tips in mind.  Maybe you'll save enough to treat the family to a great summer travel vacation so they can sport their cool summer clothes.