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choosing_to_climbAlthough I am a nationally recognized fitness expert, have helped many people get into their best bodies, and trained pro athletes, I must admit there are some crazy things going on in my mind when I work out by myself.  For years, my only workouts were when I was teaching classes or training with a client.  But my new lifestyle and leaving my fitness studio in the burbs, has left me to my own devices.  Thank goodness for a goal like choosing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in September to jumpstart my fitness.

During my training for such a monu-mountain-al event, I have increased my thirty minute regimens to 90 to 120 minutes on at least four days a week.  To climb at such altitude, anaerobic threshold training will be the base of my workouts.  This will help me utilize the oxygen and make the climb possible.  These types of "out of breath" training helps your body get in shape quickly, so even for the common participant, AT training is great.

My typical AT workouts include sprints, plyometrics or jumping exercises and just being plain out of breath.  I recently hiked up hill at a 45 degree angle for 90 minutes straight.  It was raining and I wasn't geared up properly so my feet kept slipping out of my flip flops and stretching my calves.  My original intention wasn't a workout at all actually, but having to connect to the internet-- I stayed beyond my ride's time limit and ended up walking home.  The ride down didn't seem as long as the walk up projected out to be, which is when it occurred to me that I say some crazy things when I work out to myself. 

Here are ten things I've said to myself while working out in the last week:

1) The sun hasn't come up yet- what am I doing?
2) Is that really cellulite I see when I’m in down dog
3) Suck in that belly
4) 15 minutes is probably enough for today
5) I should be answering emails right now
6) Love my Madonna dance playlist
7) Chicago has the best summer bodies
8) Sweat is running down my face with my mascara
9) Why can't I breathe right now - am I having a heart attack?
10) Is it over yet?  Where's the top of this mountain anyway?
I’m climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this September with a team of amazing and inspirational women.  If you would like to donate to the cause of this effort check out We Choose to Climb for more information.  Each woman has an incredible story to tell why they are climbing... I’m on a mission as well.

To view more work by me, please visit my website Andrea Metcalf.  

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