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chris-brown-opens-up-about-rihanna-altercationIt’s been five years since the infamous night when singer Chris Brown brutally attacked his then girlfriend Rihanna in a car on the way to a pre-Grammy’s party in February 2009. Now, after years of healing on both sides, Brown is speaking out about the incident, which dramatically damaged his career and image.

Brown, who is promoting his new album X, stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning radio show this week. He candidly spoke about his abuse-filled past, his healing process, and how he feels about Rihanna dating Drake.

In response to the 2009 altercation, Brown said, "Honestly, I just kinda listened to the wrong; 'OK, we need to do this PR strategy - I really just wanted to be like man, f—k y’all, and that’s how I feel, because it’s my personal life. I’m going through a troubled time right now."

Brown continued, "I feel like through the years, I’ve said [I f—ked up] enough now to where it’s like, bro if you’re still on that then I feel sorry for y’all, because it’s over with. I don’t have any animosity about it. Obviously I have remorse about it and it’s something that’s really serious, but as far as the situation—like me and her, we made amends, we good. She’s my friend."

"So at the end of the day, I knew that was a mistake I would never make again, but I take into consideration like, dang, I was like 17-18—I’m 25 now—so I look back it now like, dang, and I’m still doing community service and seeing the judge every month and a half over that situation."

Brown assures that his violent behavior is behind him and he communicates about his past through song.

"It’s something that, in your personal life, you definitely wanna keep those skeletons in your closet but because I’m an artist like me, you gotta be public about it. Everybody has their own demons and their own skeletons, but it’s only how they handle it after when it’s showcased. Some people have great political speeches, I can’t do that. I can talk about it like this. I can give you a great song."

In response to Rihanna appearing on Oprah to speak about the abuse, Brown said, "She’s showing me she cares because I didn’t know for a while… I was actually moved by it."

And even though the two did strike up a rekindled romance after being apart, Rihanna is now dating rapper Drake, which originally didn’t sit right with Brown.

"I’m content with who I am, so whoever decides to move on or do their thing, that’s cool. You gotta consider that was in the thug Chris Brown era when I was…that was when I was all up on runnin’ up on dudes."

Wondering if Rihanna struck up a romance with Drake to hurt him, Brown continued, "In a way I do…It’s understandable. It’s the game, we young…we do that at that age. I think once we hit our 30s, we’re in a mature stage of life and we’re not focusing on that."

Brown and Drake even had a scuffle a while back over Rihanna. But now, that’s in the past and everyone has moved on.

"[The fight] was a stick yo’ chest out contest. That’s all it was. That was a, ‘who got the biggest account in the room?.'"

But now, their relationship is in a good place.

"Let’s break this whole beef thing and make light of the situation because it shows growth and maturity."

From the sounds of it, Brown has matured and everyone is in a positive, healthy place.


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