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chris-martin-sings-love-song-on-new-coldplay-album-headerIf you didn’t love Coldplay before, you might now.

The band’s frontman Chris Martin has been in the spotlight recently following the shocking breakup between him and Gwyneth Paltrow. In a recent exposed session on BBC Radio, Martin sang a hauntingly romantic tune at the BBC 1 Radio Live Lounge. The new song “Oceans” is a part of Coldplay's upcoming album Ghost Stories. The notes, the lyrics and the overall feel of the song makes one wonder if Paltrow was inspiration. 

Speculation sprouted after their performance that Martin may have been singing about his "conscious uncoupling" as the lyrics are centered around fixing a relationship.

"Wait for your call, the call never came, ready to fall in, ready to claim,” Martin sings. “I'm ready for it all, love. I'm ready for the change."

The live set was enough to have Coldplay fans swooning, and for those who might have missed it, you can see the group live on Saturday Night Live May 3.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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