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Chris Soules Gives Out His Final Rose On The Bachelor Finale

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Chris-Soules-Gives Out-His-Final-Rose-On-The-Bachelor-Finale
Photo Credit: ABC

Another Bachelor/Bachelorette season has ended. And we must admit, we enjoyed watching Chris Soules, aka Prince Farming, look for love way more than the last Bachelor, Juan Pablo. In the end, the final choice came down to which woman was on the same page as Soules.

Whitney Bischoff walked away with a rose and a ring. The 29-year-old fertility nurse was the clear winner over Becca Tiley who struggled to give Soules a clear answer about whether she loved him and if she was ready to commit.

Soules was crushed by Becca’s response but had to say goodbye after acknowledging that the 25-year-old chiropractic assistant didn't seem ready for the commitment. After sending her home, the farmer from Iowa got down on one knee for Whitney!

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Photo Credit: ABC

Soules proposed to Whitney in his family barn, saying "Probably one of the best days of my life was when we got to crash a wedding together, and I was like, holy cow, this woman is perfect for me. And being able to have you here today and being able to have you here in Iowa and meeting my family and seeing how they reacted to you...It's not work for us. It's natural, and it's like we both want the same thing, and it feels so right, and it feels so perfect, and that's what I want for the rest of my life. I love you."

Bischoff clearly felt the same and accepted his rose!

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Photo Credit: ABC

Aww! Congrats to the new couple. We hope it lasts unlike some of the past Bachelor unions! Immediately following the finale, After the Final Rose aired, which revealed that the two happily engaged couple do plan on moving in together and they’ve even been sneaking around to see each other.

Chris is eager to move back to his hometown of Arlighton, Iowa and start a family with Whitney. He told People Magazine, "I'm 33. I think I'm past due!"

Stay tuned for season two of Bachelor in Paradise coming soon on ABC and The Bachelorette on Monday May 18. 

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