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christian-bale-visits-victims-baby-bornChristian Bale Visited Colorado Shooting Victims.

And Christian Bale traveled to Aurora, Colorado by his own choice, swearing secrecy to avoid publicity. However, hot news like this travels fast and as hospital victims tweeted and "facebooked" pictures of Christian Bale. And, soon the secret was out.

Christian Bale Colorado Visit

Christian Bale and wife, Sibi Blazic also took flowers to the memorial, in addition to spending two and a half hours at the hospital visiting with and checking on victims. The couple arrived to the hospital by ambulance and met with police officers, EMT's and doctors, including Colorado's governor, John Hickenlooper.

Christian Bale had previously issued a statement immediately after the shooting of how shocked and terrible he felt and offered his heartfelt condolences. In addition, other cast members have issued statements.

Here's hoping Christian Bale's Colorado visit lifted spirits and was therapeutic. And if you see the pictures, you will notice that indeed, he still looks good!

Baby Born While Colorado Shooting Victim Was In Hospital

When Katie Medley went with husband, Caleb to "The Dark Knight Rises," it was to be their last night out before becoming new parents. Little did they know what would ensue, and while Katie was able to escape the Colorado shooting unharmed, new dad, Caleb was not so lucky.

Katie Medley had their healthy baby boy at the University of Colorado Hospital, while her husband lay in a coma just one floor below her.

They named the baby Hugo Jackson Medley, who entered the world at 7:11 in the morning on Tuesday, weighing 7 lbs. 4 oz. and measuring 18.5 inches. Both baby and mom are fine, according to the hospital spokesman.

Caleb Medley Colorado Shooting Victim

Caleb Medley, however, is not doing well, but making small improvements. He has already endured three surgeries since the Colorado shooting and is on a ventilator. Hospital officials report that he is beginning to breathe on his own and is responding to voices by squeezing hands. His heart rate increased when people around his hospital bed spoke of the coming baby. Family friend Michael West has said that he is beginning to show improvement.

Caleb Medley is an aspiring comedian and both he and Katie had been anticipating the premiere for the past year. Unfortunately the couple has no medical insurance, so friends have set up an online donation effort to cover the costs. As of this writing donations have surpassed $100,000.

Here's hoping the new dad continues to improve and that baby Hugo thrives!

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