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Christina Aguilera stopped by The Tonight Show on Sunday and once again showed off her vocal prowess. The platinum blonde pop star joined host Jimmy Fallon for a game of "Wheel of Musical Impressions," in which a random artist and song are generated and the contestant has to come up with their best impersonation.

The 34-year-old started off the round with an impression of Cher singing the Folgers Coffee jingle. Not surprisingly, she killed it. Fallon followed with a decent rendition of David Bowie singing "Grand Old Flag." The Tonight Show’s resident band The Roots backed the vocals.

For Aguilera’s next turn she landed on none other than Britney Spears, for a take on "This Little Piggy." Fallon and Aguilera burst out laughing at the selection. "You know Britney Spears, right?" Fallon asked. "Little bit," the former Mouseketeer replied.

To the tune of Spears’ hit "Hit Me Baby One More Time," the five-time Grammy winner belted out the song. The audience roared with approval. Fallon rose to his feet to give the pop diva a standing ovation.

For her final selection, the mother of two sang the Golden Girls theme song in the voice of Shakira. After exclaiming that she loves the song, Aguilera sang along to the tune of "Whenever, Wherever." Fallon jumped in, trading lines with The Voice host, with them both singing the end.

The "Beautiful" singer proved once again that she is a stellar vocalist, and a good sport.

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