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Cinco de Mayo offers a fantastic opportunity to teach your kids about Mexican tradition and Mexican history. The first Cinco de Mayo was actually celebrated in America by Mexican American citizens living in California. Cinco de Mayo was a celebration of the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over the French army on May 5, 1862. This fun Cinco de Mayo craft will be a fun way to teach your kids about Cinco de Mayo and make a few Cinco de Mayo party decorations too!

About Cinco de Mayo

When telling your kids about Cinco de Mayo this fun activity will keep them busy and excited to learn more about Mexican tradition and Mexican history. A very traditional Cinco de Mayo party decoration is the paper flower. With tons of color options, making paper flowers will give your kids the chance to be unique and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a little flair. Making paper flowers is easier than it looks and will be a very fun Cinco de Mayo activity for your family to do together. 

Make a Paper Flower for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo celebrations are fun and decorating with these fun paper flowers will give you’re party a traditional and bright look. Buy these supplies to make paper flowers before hand and then invite your kids to join in and make their own paper flowers. 

How Do You Make a Paper Flower?

This material list includes all of the materials needed to make one paper flower. Buy more according to how many paper flowers you and your children want to make!

  • 2 sheets tissue paper, 6” x 12”(any color)
  • 2 sheets tissue paper, 6” x 12”(any different color)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Green pipe cleaner

After you have gathered all of the materials you need all you have to do is start making your paper flower.

  1. Stack all four sheet of the colored tissue paper on top of each other alternating colors 
  2. Fold the sheets starting at the bottom fold in an accordion style leaving one inch between folds 
  3. Use scissors to round the corners of the folded paper (it will look like a popsicle stick after you cut) 
  4. Take pipe cleaner and twist is around the middle of the folded stack and leave the rest hanging so that it looks like a stem 
  5. Fan out the petals carefully pulling the folded layers of the paper away from the others 
  6. Fluff out the paper until you are satisfied with your paper flower
  7. For a fun touch spray a bit of your favorite perfume on the paper so your paper flower smells nicely

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Create as many paper flowers as you need to decorate your fun Cinco de Mayo celebration. The paper flowers will look great hung around the room and will give your Cinco de Mayo party a traditional and festive feel! Teaching your kids the history of Cinco de Mayo will be great fun when you teach them how to make paper flowers to decorate your Cinco de Mayo celebration!

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