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The Beautiful Reason Why Clare Bowen Cut Her Hair

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Photo Credit: Promo/LiveNation

Actress Clare Bowen, best known for her role as Scarlett O'Connor on ABC's Nashville, has an unexpected reason why her character debuted a pixie cut on a recent episode. In fact, Bowen insisted "It's just hair" in a powerful statement on Facebook.

"Wanna know why I cut it all off?" began the lengthy post. "When I was four years old, I asked my mother; 'Are there heaters in Heaven?' I had just been diagnosed with end-stage nephroblastoma, after several visits to a GP who denied anything was wrong and dubbed my parents 'paranoid.' I'd overheard the doctors telling my family that the only hope of saving me was an experimental treatment that might kill me anyway. But without it I had maybe two weeks left. The hospital was cold. I'd never felt air conditioning before."

Bowen, who is now a healthy and beautiful twenty-something television star, went on to thank Nashville's creator for allowing Bowen to change her hair for a greater cause than a TV series. 

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Photo Credit: Facebook


While it doesn't hurt that Bowen herself is a beauty in every capacity, her words clearly touched thousands of people. In fact, the post has received nearly 500,000 likes and 222,000 shares.

Bowen's closing Facebook remarks read: "Every scar tells a story, every bald had, every dark circle, every prosthetic limb, and every reflection in a mirror that you might not recognize anymore. Look deeper than skin, hair nails, and lips. You are who you are in your bones."

And finally the Australia native concludes, "That is where you have the potential to shine the brightest from. It is where your true beautiful self lives."

Read her full statement here.

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