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cleaning-the-closetCloset Makeover Just for You

Isn't it funny how we women can go into our stuffed, messy closets and declare that "we have nothing to wear?"  The mere act of entering the closet can be a nightmare for many of us!  It's just plain overwhelming to walk into our closets and see all that fabric mixed together, very likely hung improperly, or for those of us complete slobs, on the floor.  And the chaos of our daily lives precludes us from finally finding the courage to get in there and clean the closet.  The silly thing is that if we would just take the time to tackle this daunting task of cleaning our closets, we could probably be more efficient in the mornings!  So how to we go about remastering our closets?

How to Clean Out the Closet

  1. CHOOSE A TIME: For most of us, that is the weekend.  Tell the kiddies that you need to go to your room for awhile to have "alone" time.  If you have small children, make the man watch them while you do this.
  2. SORT THROUGH YOUR CLOSET ITEMS: Start on one end of the rack and try to handle the piece just once.  Ask yourself, "Do I still wear this?"  And the difficult question for most: "Does it still fit me?" The last question for those of us unrepentant pack rats, "Is it still in style?"
  3. MAKE CLOTHES SORTING PILES: If you have answered "No" to the aforementioned questions, then arrange four piles in your bedroom.  The first pile should be "giveaway."  These are the clothes that are in good shape that you think could bless or benefit someone.  The second pile should be "consignment."  This option is for those of us who are shopping addicts and forget we even bought the item (with the tags still on) but it no longer fits us or we have accepted the reality that it was an impulse buy and we will never wear it.  We should add that these items can be donated as well if you don't want the hassle with consignment shops.  The third pile should be "throw away."  These are the clothes that have rips that we've always vowed to fix or stains that we've always promised to get out.  Or they are the trendy clothes that reflected the earlier eras.  The last pile should be "bon-fire."  This last option gives you the opportunity to have a fun party with your friends as you sit outside and tell funny stories of when you wore this outfit, thereby whipping it into the flames.
  4. CLEAN OUT YOUR SHOES AND ACCESSORIES: Don't forget to look through your shoes.  Decide what is practical, comfortable and stylish.  The shoes can be categorized in the above piles as well.
  5. ORGANIZE CLOTHES BY COLOR: Consider arranging your items by color in the closet.  It will make clothing selection more fun each day, as you can ask yourself what you are in the mood for.  Is it a black day or a pink day?
  6. HAVE FUN!: Listen to great music as you clean out the closet.  Reward yourself with yummy snacks.  Sip on a glass of wine if you dare.  Make the experience fun!

Have you cleaned your closet lately?  Do you have any tips that work for you?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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