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16932-snl-clintonPhoto Credit: Saturday Night Live

Politicians have often used Saturday Night Live as a way to show off their funny side, laugh at themselves, and open up to the spontaneity and excitement of live television. 

The lively and good-natured image that comes across from an appearance on SNL is a boost that Hillary Clinton's campaign could really use right about now. Her stereotyped "stiff" demeanor and long-time presence in Washington hasn't been much help when appealing to voters that are tired of business-as-usual politics.  

Clinton's appearance on SNL, alongside her caricature played by Kate McKinnon, came with a cleverly constructed sketch where she got the chance to clear the air, open up to the American people, and confess some of her inner dialogue as she walks the campaign trail. 

Making fun of Donald Trump is always a safe way to get the audience on your side, and Hillary Clinton's impression of the Republican front-runner earned her the biggest laugh of the night.

She also took some time to admit past mistakes, such as not standing up against the Keystone Pipeline earlier, or not supporting gay marriage sooner. Seeing Clinton admit being on the wrong side of some issues makes her more likable while also taking away some of the ammunition used by her contenders. 

The most important thing for Clinton's SNL appearance was for her to show her funny side, and an arm-in-arm bar room duet of "Lean On Me" with McKinnon definitely did the trick!  

The formidable presidential candidate came away from the skit looking personable and fun-loving, while giving the audience a heaping dose of quality Clinton comedy.

Nice job, Hillz!


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