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When it’s time to throw your child’s next party, take it up a notch by turning it into a mystery adventure party! Your kids and their friends will have a ton of fun solving clues and searching for hidden treasure, and unbeknownst to them, they’ll also be improving their teamwork and communication skills.

If you’ve never thrown this kind of party before - don’t worry. We’ve got your covered!

Here’s what you need to know to throw the perfect mystery party.

16843-clues-to-creating-the-perfect-mystery-party-infographic1. Choose A Treasure

Before you begin making maps and hiding clues, you’ll need to decide what your little detectives will be looking for. Some popular treasures ideas are the kids' favorite candy, a small bag of coins for allowance, or a mixture of treats and trinkets. 

Once you’ve decided what you’re hiding, next, find the perfect hiding spot for it. Make sure your spot isn’t somewhere too obvious, that it has plenty of space around it for your little explorers to search and that it isn’t anywhere pets can find it. 

2. Map It Out

Once you know where you're hiding your treasure, you’ll want to create clues and a map to help your party guests get there. Avoid hiding the clues in high traffic areas, private spots like your own closet or hazardous areas like a laundry room where they could get in trouble with cleaning supplies and chemicals. 

3. Create Clues

Riddles, drawings and rhymes are all fair game when it comes to making clues. Inside drawers, on the back of books and under tables are easy and inconspicuous places to hide clues and tips. Sticky notes are great for clues since they tend to stay put. Depending on your guest’s ages, consider putting hints on the back of the clues in case they get stuck on a particularly difficult one.

4. Make It A Surprise

The best mysteries are unexpected ones! Set the tone for the party by watching something like Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure  to get younger kids understand how to look for clues and solve a mystery. 

After the movie surprise your guests with a hidden treasure map!

We've created a fun, printable map to get the fun started ASAP!


5. Use Props

Let your guests really immerse themselves into the mystery vibe by handing out small magnifying glasses and notebooks for them to write down the clues. When the fun is all done, they can be unique party favors to take home!

6. Celebrate!

Make opening the treasure box even more exciting for kids by throwing confetti and using noise makers when it's time for the big reveal. Be sure to have your phones ready to snap some pictures too, because we know you'll want to share this mystery party fun on Facebook.

With these six easy steps, you can make a memorable mystery party your kids and guests will never forget!

Share the clues to creating a perfect party with others by pinning the map below!




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