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cody-simpson-stands-up-for-equality-headerPhoto Credit: Splash

Cody Simpson, the 18-year-old Australian heartthrob, is winning the hearts of women around the world - most recently, the hearts of Breanna Bogucki and Maddie Tevlin. Simpson, along with O.A.R singer Marc Roberge, joined forces in collaborating on the Coca-Cola sponsored song "Reach Up." Tevlin, best known for her “All Of Me” cover, and Bogucki, a singer and decorated Special Olympics athlete from Illinois who has Autism, are featured on the moving track.

Womensforum.com chatted with Simpson, Bogucki and Tevlin in a heartfelt interview about their time together recording the song and about why the Special Olympics are so important for everyone. Simpson explained, “I believe that everybody has an equal chance to do whatever they dream of doing.”


The singer continued, “It’s not about disabilities or abilities…it’s about everyone is the same and everyone is different at the same time. You can’t really group people together because we’re all just people.”

The tear-jerker song, available here, allowed the group to inspire all people, regardless of disabilities.

“That’s what this is all about. This is me, Marc, Maddie, Breanna – we all have the same amount of influence. We all learn something from each other. It’s incredible, it’s hard to describe.”

Watch the "Reach Up" music video below.

The Special Olympics start Saturday, July 5 and run through August 2. First Lady Michelle Obama will open the event on Saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, site of the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics. 

ESPN is broadcasting the opening ceremony live. 

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