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coffee-heart-healthYour daily caffeine could lower your risk for heart failure.

So many need their cup o’ joe to get up and going in the morning, but what most don’t know is that having coffee could actually lower their risk for heart failure. A study published in the "American Heart Association’s" journal "Circulation: Heart Failure" says that drinking two 8-ounce cups of coffee per day could actuallylower risk of heart failure by 11%. For those looking for another excuse to feed your addiction to coffee, here’s a perfect one: it could help your heart health. Be careful, though. A healthy heart can’t take too much caffeine.

How Could Coffee Lower Your Risk for Heart Failure?

The coffee and heart failure study is really a review of five studies conducted between 2001 and 2011 in Finland and Sweden. The studies include studying the heart and health of a total of 140,220 patients and found that those who drink the two cups of coffee have an 11% lower risk for heart failure.

Why would coffee lower your risk for health failure? It goes back to diabetes, which is one of the causes of heart failure. Elizabeth Mostofsky of the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center says that since coffee lowers the risk of diabetes, it, in turn, lowers the risk of developing heart failure.  The goes along with a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine last month that said that drinking the two cups of coffee a day has been linked to a longer life. Of course, lowering your risk for heart problems can lead to a longer life.

Well... Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee

Though this study is a great study for those who live on caffeine, Mostofsky and her colleagues advise coffee drinkers to not get too crazy with this new discovery. They say that more than four cups a day could actually decrease the protective heart effects and cause coffee to do more harm than good. So, in order to properly protect against heart failure, take it easy with the coffee. Drinking coffee works when drinking the right amount in moderation.

Heart Failure Causes

While drinking coffee and taking other measures to lower risk of heart failure is important, it’s also good to know heart failure risk factors in order to protect your heart. Though some of these are hard or impossible to protect against, any measures should be taken to keep a healthy heart.

  • High blood pressure: With high blood pressure, your heart has to work harder than it should.
  • Heart attack: A heart attack can weaken your heart muscles, which adds to the risk of heart failure.
  • Coronary artery disease: This disease narrows the arteries, which weakens the heart muscles.
  • Diabetes: As Mostofsky pointed out, this can put you at risk for heart failure, as it can cause high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.
  • Irregular heartbeat: An irregular heartbeat can weaken your heart muscles.
  • Some diabetes medications: As some diabetes medications has been shown to possibly put you at risk for heart failure, it’s important to talk to your doctor.
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