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coin-collecting-with-kids-mom-talk-minute-videoDo you have a young collector at home?

If you do, here are some fun ways to combine learning and special time with your child, while building an exciting collection! 



About six years ago, right after my son was born, a dear friend gave him as lovely book called Coin Collecting for Kids. I put the book away and figured that one day, he might be interested in it. To my surprise, six years later he became interested in it!

The book is more like a workbook with heavy, thick pages, and slots for state quarters, half-dollars, and other fun things like places to showcase coins from the year of my son's birth. There are pages of stories about American history and how coins are minted and distributed.

Building a coin collection with my son has been such a fun thing for us to do together, and it allows me to give him a special coin as a reward or gift for say, losing a tooth, or doing something super special for his siblings or even around the house. If you're looking for some things to do with your kids that expand their learning and also help them discover an interest even they may not have known they have, think about starting a collection.

Have fun!


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