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cold-melt-glue-guns-for-kidsHot Glue Gun Safety

Arts and crafts activities are wonderful for children of nearly all ages. They encourage creativity and support many childhood developmental processes. Many parents, however, tend to shy away from providing art activities out of uncertainty and concerns about safety. Fortunately, there are ways to create safe art projects with items like a cold melt glue gun for kids.

Using Glue Guns

There are items like the cold melt glue gun for kids available, usually in craft and hobby stores. The fact is, cold melt glue guns are not as effective as the hot melt varieties; however they are generally all right to use for activities for younger children. Cold melt glue guns are excellent tools for teaching kids how to handle a hot glue gun safely. These lessons in safety need to start long before children ever are able to actually touch one of these crafting tools. 

No matter what materials are being used, children should always be supervised when taking part in arts and crafts. As children grow older and more independent, they will be able to perform more projects on their own. However, an adult should still be on hand to oversee things. Deciding exactly when to teach your child how to use a hot glue gun is something that is entirely at your discretion. While some children may be mature and coordinated enough to begin to handle them in elementary school, other children may require assistance through junior high ages.

Teaching Kids Glue Gun Safety

When moving from using a cold melt glue gun for kids to using a hot glue gun, there are several things to consider.

  1. The first thing that any child needs to understand is that the glue gun will burn and hurt if not handled properly. Children who are not yet able to learn to handle the glue gun safely need to have respect for the fact that this is a tool that is very useful, but can also hurt them very badly.
  2. If a child is ready to start learning how to handle a hot glue gun during crafting time, he should do so with an adult handling the glue gun along with him, hand over hand. With practice, the child can later handle the glue gun with an adult standing next to them, watching closely.
  3. As the child grows in his ability to do this on his own, he will need reminding that this is still something that is hot and will hurt if handled incorrectly.
  4. Aside from having the potential to cause bodily injury, children should also be made aware of other possible hazards a glue gun poses, such as the ability to start a fire if not handled with care and caution.

Knowing how to go about using these wonderful crafting tools safely means that parents can feel far more comfortable about providing craft projects in the future.

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