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cold-water-laundry-benefits-headerSave Money And The Environment By Washing Laundry In Cold Water.

Washing your laundry with cold water is a great option to help your family save a lot of money every year. Cold water laundry reduces energy bills and the environment will be less negatively effected as well. Laundry detergents and laundry machines are being made to accommodate cold water laundry washing, and the cold water washing trend is really catching on for people interested in lowering their energy bills and helping the environment.

Reduce Your Energy Bill with Cold Water Laundry

Cold water laundry has many benefits and is becoming more and more popular. Washing laundry in cold water will clean clothes just as efficiently and will drastically lower your monthly energy bill. Experts explain that almost 90% of the energy a washer uses per wash goes towards heating the water. Another benefit of cold water clothes washing is the reduced carbon emission from your laundry washing machine. According to experts, for every family that switches from hot or warm water washing to cold water washing, 1,600 pounds of carbon emissions are eliminated. 

How Much Money Can You Save with Cold Water Laundry?

Saving money by washing your laundry with cold water can add up to some serious yearly savings. By washing laundry in cold water, 90% of the energy needed is eliminated. With 90% of the energy not being used, energy bills are going to be much lower and more manageable.

There are three things needed to get clothes clean and fresh. Hot water, detergent, and movement of the washer helps to clean clothes, so by eliminating hot water, you need to make the other two components stronger. Laundry detergent companies have responded to the trend by releasing specific cold water laundry detergent that compensates for the lack of hot water with stronger cleaning agents.

Environmentally Friendly Cold Water Laundry

Carbon emissions contribute to the decline of the environment and by washing laundry with cold water, families can be sure that they are creating far fewer carbon emissions. You can wash laundry in cold water and get your clothes just as clean and feel better about your carbon footprint. Cold water laundry detergent costs about the same as common warm water detergents but will ensure that energy usage while doing laundry will be reduced by more than three-quarters. This reduction in energy usage will have a positive effect on the environment and on your monthly budget.

What do you think? Would you consider cold water laundry? How do you do your part to protect the environment? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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