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The temperatures are dropping and the number of layers that you need to wear in order to stay warm and comfy is rising. And while you might not be thrilled by the chilly temperatures, you might also have to admit that there is something wonderfully cozy about piling on cashmere sweaters and scarves and topping it all off with a wool beanie and perhaps a luxurious pair of elbow length fingerless gloves.

Of course, every holiday season you can look forward to new winter gear offerings from your favorite brands, making it the perfect time to pick up a new favorite piece or two. Here's what we think you should add to your cold weather wardrobe this year...

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Ski Jackets.

These might seem like they’re only for the slopes, but the waxed parkas and jackets like this one by Champion and that are mainstays of the ski bunny lifestyle are also perfect for winters in the city or suburbs.

Puffer Jackets.

Always a winter classic, these voluminous jackets have gone from a winter necessity to a stylish topper for everything from jeans and boots to a little black dress. Make the style current by going for something metallic, oversize, or both - this one from Calvin Klein fits the bill nicely. 

Trooper Hats.

There’s probably nothing warmer than a fluffy, furry hat - especially one that keeps your ears covered. And while you probably don’t need to go full-on Russian Trapper style with it, you shouldn’t be afraid of a bit of drama either (we like this one from Surrell). More volume = more warmth!


While these aren’t technically outerwear, they might be the coziest layering piece ever. As an added bonus, this season’s ultra-thin turtlenecks are often made from tech or warming fabrics, so you won’t be adding bulk with every layer. This tissue-thin stripey one from J.Crew is just about perfect.

Faux Fur Stoles.

All (faux) fur everything is always in fashion when it’s cold out, but this year has a new trendy faux accessory - the fur stole. These can be as classic or as outrageous as you’d like; either way, drape something like this plush burgundy piece from Sole Society over your shoulder for a modern and cozy take on vintage glam.

So if even if you’re not a fan of the icy cold (and who is?!?), you can look forward to wearing some fabulous winter gear this season.


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