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College Kids Living At Home

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Finally, kids are getting smarter and realizing that staying in that dorm is costing them more than just money: it is costing them their future because many are getting drawn into partying, sexual activity, drugs, etc. Doesn’t this type of non-stop behavior catch up with everyone in the long run? Of course, it does, which is why it is more common than ever before to see college kids living at home.

No More "Off to College"; The Homebound College Education

Most college-aged kids want their freedom at this point in their lives. They want no rules, and they want to come and go as they please. They opt to move into the dorm as a way to achieve these goals. However, like most things in life, freedom may come with a cost. Having your college kids living at home may not only be safer, but cheaper in the long run.

If your child wants to attend a college in another state, they have no choice but to live in a dorm on campus. However, more college kids are choosing to live at home and commute to their local college campus each day. You might consider letting your college student stay over at a friend's dorm room after an evening class, saving her some commutting time and giving hersome of the freedom she craves.

College kids living at home saves a great deal of money. Typically, students who live at home are not eating as much fast food, and their laundry can be done in house too. A lot of college students end up taking out educational loans and adding the dorm cost to these loans. In the end, it can cost them 3 to 4 times more than they originally borrowed with fees and interest added in. When you look at it that way, living at home is a great savings.

A lot of college kids also have a difficult transitional period from home life to dorm life. They may not admit this. They left a home where everything was familar behind Their parents provided them all of their food, utilities and laundry and helped out whenever anything went wrong in their lives. They move into a dorm where they essentially have no one to lean on should problems arise. No one really cares about how their day went. If you have a college kid who is shy or has some social problems, living at home may be the better choice. You can always let your college student try dorm life after a year of college while living at home.

At home, it is easier for college kids to get by at this time of their lives. While you should be willing to give your college student more freedom, rules should still apply on some level. There is a lot to think about when deciding whether to live on a college campus or not. Encourage your college student to carefully weigh her options before decided where to live. Ultimately, the decision must be hers. Support her choice and try and make her adjustment into college life as smooth as possible.