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colorado-girls-body-found-keep-your-children-safeThe Body of Missing Girl, Jessica Ridgeway, Was Found. Learn How to Keep Your Child Safe from Abduction. 

Jessica Ridgeway, the Colorado girl’s body was found. Jessica Ridgeway, 10 years old, had been missing since the morning of October 5, 2012. Jessica’s body was found on October 12, 2012. This devastating story should inspire parents to learn how to keep their children safe. Read about the tragic details of Jessica Ridgeway and learn how to keep your children safe from abduction or strangers

Body Identified as Jessica Ridgeway

Jessica Ridgeway disappeared in a Denver suburb on October 5, 2012 while walking to a nearby park to meet her friends and then go to school. Sources say she left at 8:30a.m. to meet her friends and head to school, but, she never made it. Her mother received a call from school stating that she was absent, which is when she alerted police and reported her missing. 

A massive search began hours after she was reported missing. Ridgeway’s dismembered body was found 7 miles from her home, sources say.

Her killer may have known her and based on her body, her killer appears experienced. There is currently a suspect in the case.

Two abduction attempts took place right around the same area in September 2012. Investigation is still pending for those abductions. 

How to Keep Your Children Safe 

It’s important to know and accept that abductions happen and can happen to anyone. It’s often somebody the child and your family know, or it could be stranger.

Here are the ways and some tips on keeping your child safe: 

  • Be suspicious of adults that your children spend time with
  • Teach your children that they have control over their body and if someone were to touch them inappropriately, they should be able to know what is a “bad touch”
  • Make sure your children know that they can come to you if someone has done something to them
  • Teaching them to not talk to strangers is not enough. There is more you can do
  • Don’t let your children go out alone, especially at night
  • Know where your kids are. Give them a cellphone for emergency purposes
  • Special codes. If a child calls home to tell you something suspicious, or they need help, they can use your family’s special code to tell you to come help
  • Know your babysitter, your children’s friends’ parents, or any other adults
  • Make sure they use the safest route home when walking
  • Don’t take food, drinks, candy, or get in the car with a stranger
  • Make sure children know their own phone number, full name, and address

Now that Jessica Ridgeway’s body was found, we hope that this tragic story will make parents do all they can to keep their children safe and out of harms way.

Head to JessicaRidgeway.com to send donations, cards, or buy a T-shirt and help the Ridgeway family with their devastating loss. 

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