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Home Living Decorating Colors That Can Change a Room's Feel

Colors That Can Change a Room's Feel

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painting-room-orangeAfter spending a lot of time in one room of the house, it can start to feel a little bland. By breaking away from the norm and exploring new decorative options, you can breath new life into the daily grind.

There are a few mood-changing colors which can either chill out a room's mood or give it a vibrant shine. The change of color alone can help boost your mood and give your home a completely new feel.

Warm Colors


Photo Credit: pahalzan.com

Sunset colors like yellow and orange are great for giving the room a relaxed feeling, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. A bright orange can really throw off the feeling of a space and a vibrant yellow can cause more stress than relaxation. While we associate these colors with sunshine, springtime, and relaxation, you'll need to be sure you pick a softer shade that will compliment your home setting. 

The Blues


Photo Credit: DesignersShowHouse.net

Blues, greens, and purples are considered tranquil, peaceful, heavenly colors. If you do feel more uplifted with blue or green or violet, choose a softer shade. Fire red and blood orange are very intense but if calmed to a softer shade can work very well in your home and give it a relaxed mood at the same time. The same goes for pinks closer to lavender.

Stay away from really dark colors like deep browns and grays. Instead, use rich colors like hot pink and red as as an accent color.

What colors have you painted your rooms to keep yourself positive? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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