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cookiesEnhance your love life with the sweetness of cookies and joy of baking for the object of your desire.

Whether you and your man bake together as a date or you both nom on cookies as a warm-up before bedroom escapades, these sweet treats have a romantic side. Take your love life up a notch with the following baking and cookie ideas, and of course, don’t forget to Instagram your tasty baked goods as documentation of your courtship.

Baking on Your Date

I’ve heard that cooking and baking open the door into a guy’s heart. Yes, this is a romantic gesture and not a sexist expectation. A woman who cooks and bakes is hot. Make it real hot and invite your date over to bake some cookies. 

Once he agrees to your date, it’s time to put that cookie Pinterest board to good use. Bake two kinds of cookies — chocolate chip as a beloved favorite and one recipe that’s a bit more daring. Think super sweet and fancy cookie recipes such as White Chocolate Cheesecake Pudding Cookies with Craisins, Funfetti Sandwich Cookies or Red Velvet Pinwheel Cookies. Go all-out and bake romantic cookies White Macaroon Kiss Cookies or heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink frosting and red sprinkles. #smooch #kissyface 

Baking For Your Man 

Someone with whom I once shared an unmemorable semi-date asked me with a smidgen of judgement in his tone, “you’ve never baked cookies for a guy?” Clearly his question was rhetorical because he was responding to my initial comment, “I’ve never baked cookies for a guy.” Call me a feminist, but I had never.

But now I know. Ladies, if you want to win a man’s heart, bake homemade cookies and bring the warm desserts to his doorstep in a wicker basket wrapped in a checkered towel. #heybabe

Cookies & Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac

Chocolate and fudge will rouse the taste buds and ignite that passion. Whether you and your boyfriend can’t keep your hands off each other or you and your husband need a romantical boost, bake homemade chocolate or fudge cookie confections. Calories won’t even count because eating these sweet treats is in the name of love. After four or five of those chocolate chip cookies, the sweet morsels will start to kick in and lift libidos. The serotonin in chocolate is like cupid’s arrow that will make you want to hug, cuddle and kiss.

Cookies Men Like

Men like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, and I know because I asked two guys. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic, great with milk and delicious for breakfast. Oatmeal raisin cookies are chewier and less crunchy. Wild cards include Peanut Butter Crinkles and the Girl Scout Cookies Samoas, formerly known as Caramel deLites — the cookies laden with caramel and coconut. If you think he’s worth it, then treat your guy to warm oven-baked chocolate chip cookies — or box of Samoas — and become his dream girl. #appleofmyeye #mainsqueeze

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