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Are you a political junkie or wanting to get more politically savvy amidst all the 2016 election hype? Getting politically up to speed doesn't have to be a full time job. These five cool political apps make it fun and easy to keep on top of everything happening in Washington, plus a few even let you interact with your representatives and let them know what you think of their positions!


Have you ever watched a speech and wondered if everything a candidate was saying was 100 percent accurate? PolitiFact will become your best friend for the next debate. The app features a "truth meter" measuring how truthful the candidates rank from "True" to "Pants On Fire"  based on their most recent statements. 

$1.99: AppleGoogle


This app is one of our favorites! iCitizen basically condenses all that political information so you are really only keeping track of the issues that matter most to you. The apps show you how the candidates vote on these issues and lets you send your feedback to them. 

Free: Apple


It's no secret that the biggest campaigns in the election are funded by some pretty big corporations and wealthy individuals. Want to know who is funding your candidate's campaign? Dollarocracy shows you contributions from special interest groups, top donors and any other major supporters. 

Free: Apple

16947-political-apps-4C-Span Radio

The C-Span Radio app gives you a virtual in into the Capitol Building so you can listen to any of the congressional hearings and follow the issues that are most important to you. 

Free: Apple


Are you concerned about getting a biased opinion from your news source? Politomix aggregates content from the top 40 news sources and color codes the websites based on their political leanings. The app also features a built-in podcast player. 

Free: Apple


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