More and more young men are into fashion, and not every teenage boy wants to fit into high school stereotypes. So when shopping for your fashion forward son's uniform, here are some tips that will set him on a stylish path.

Moto Jackets

Cool-Pieces-That-Update-Your-Teen-Sons-Uniform5Photo Credit: Zara.com

Jackets are synonymous with the high school experience, and they always look great with a uniform. However, not all kids are interested in rocking the iconic Letterman jacket. For those young men who want classic style that isn’t too stuffy, a fitted moto jacket will be in style for the whole school year.

For the creative types, a printed biker jacket made from waxed cotton will add a light touch to a polo, khaki uniform.

Colorful Shoes

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Spruce up the standard dress shoe with some color. If his school has a strict policy on dress, a pair of dress shoes with colored soles will give your son some individuality. Also, they work great both in and outside of school.

Neckties and Pocket Squares

Photo Credit: Tiebar.com 

If your son’s school allows individual ties, this is a great way for him to personalize his uniform. Pick a look that is either in his favorite shades or school colors. 

Cool-Pieces-That-Update-Your-Teen-Sons-Uniform4Photo Credit: Tiebar.com

For the fashion follower, a pocket square is an ultimate style piece. Pick a fun pattern or match it with his tie or shirt for a great style moment. 

Graphic Watches

Cool-Pieces-That-Update-Your-Teen-Sons-Uniform2Photo Credit: Asos.com

Get your teen son on time with a cool watch. A colorful and graphic design will be so stylish that he won't be afraid to rock it on his wrist or accidentally “lose” it.  

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