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cooler-hands-to-boost-workoutCooler Hands for a Hotter Body

Getting motivated to actually get outside or to the gym is a challenge in itself.  And we are always happy we did it when we are finished.  The feeling we get when those endorphins kick in, leaves us feeling pretty good for the rest of the day. However, there are days when exercise is extra challenging, depending on the temperature and how much "extra padding" we are carrying around.  Studies show that women who exercise and get overheated easily will quit early or shun exercise altogether.  But there are ways to stay cool while getting that heart pumping and those muscles working.  A recent study shows that if we can even keep our hands cool, we will get much more out of our workouts, paving the way to a healthier heart and body we can be proud of!

Best Way to Work Out and Stay Cool

The study, based out of San Diego, took women ranging in ages from 30 to 45 years old that had extra weight to lose.  The women that cooled their hands during workouts dropped three inches from their waistlines and improved their workout times significantly within three months.  Their exercise heart rates also became stronger and they lowered their blood pressure, as compared to the women that didn't hold the hand cooling devices during the study.

Truth be told, runners have been using this cooling hand-held device for years to keep their core temperatures comfortable.  And they sing the praises of how it helps them run faster and more comfortably.  So why can't women who are looking for better ways to get exercise do the same? Apparently we can, but the cooling devices out there tend to be pretty expensive.  Google them on the web and you will see.

Tips for Working Out Longer

  • Freeze a small water bottle and grip it while on the treadmill.  If weight lifting, handle the bottle frequently in between repetitions and sets.
  • Ask your gym attendant to put a cold towel in the freezer when you walk in.  Usually 10 minutes is all it takes for a washcloth or small towel to partially freeze, making your workout time more comfortable.  If your gym provides good customer service, then it shouldn't be a chore for them to abide by your requests.
  • When exercising outside, fill a water bottle with ice and get on your way.  If you begin to get overheated, grab an ice cube and apply it to your wrist and palms.  You will be pleasantly at how quickly you cool off.
  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing for your workouts.  You can find incredible choices these days at most discount stores.  And don't be afraid to sport the tank or spaghetti strap top.  Comfort is what it's all about, no matter your weight or body image.  If you feel self conscious, think in terms of the finished product; remember what you are working toward and forget everything else!
  • Prepare for exercise by hydrating yourself well with ice water beforehand.  This will cool your internal temperature and start you off to a good start in your workout.
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