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corporations-offer-nap-roomsNap rooms are becoming new additions to many offices all over the country.

Remember when you were a kid, and nap time was a part of your daily schedule? Well, that daily activity may not be too out of reach in your near future. Companies all over have been scheduling nap times for employees a few days a week to reduce stress and allow their employees the proper amount of sleep to perform better in the office.

Ben & Jerry’s, Google, British Airways and Nike are just a few companies that have been following this new trend.

Nap rooms are becoming new additions to many offices all over the country. While you may be envisioning employees taking two hour long naps in the office instead of responding to emails, it’s not as bad as you think.

Some companies are giving employees two 20-minute naps during the work week. Power naps are beneficial to refueling the body and mind and should be from 15-20 minutes.

In some cases, companies have their employees work 18-hour days, which leaves employees with minimal amounts of sleep at night. A lack of sleep has a direct impact on their motor skills, in a negative way.  Recent findings discovered that power naps can increase alertness of employees up to 52 percent and performance up to 35 percent. 

Scheduling naps also comes with more added benefits for the health of employees. The more rested people are the less likely they are to rely on caffeine for energy. While everyone enjoys a caffeine kick, it may not be the best idea for employees to use it as their main source of energy as it should be used in moderation. Besides, in many cases, it could take as long as 15-20 minutes for employees to go on their afternoon coffee run.

By giving employees a designated nap time, they will feel appreciative towards their company and it will show in their work. A company’s culture will have added benefits if employees feel that their health is just as important to their work. While it may seem risky to allow employees to spend twenty minutes away from their emails and phone calls, the overall benefits of naps during work are undeniable.

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