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could-not-having-kids-kill-youAccording to a new study, men and women may have higher risk of premature death if they never have kids. 

Maybe we sometimes think that our kids are driving us so crazy they’re going to kill us! But a new study says that it is quite the opposite! Could not having kids kill you? A new study done by Aarhus University, a public university in Denmark, says that people without children are more likely to die prematurely than parents. So, is it true that not having kids could kill you? Check out the details as to what the team of Danish researchers found regarding this study.

More on the Study...

Interestingly enough, the study only evaluated couples that wanted children but were unable to have them. The study didn't look at the people who were childless by choice. Childless men have double the risk, and women’s risk is quadrupled. 

Adopting children, according to the study, seemed to reduce the effects. Researchers said there were a few additional potential reasons childless people die early: drug and alcohol abuse, depression and psychiatric problems, and physical conditions related to infertility.

Apparently not having kids could possibly kill you but the study didn’t look at results for people who have no children by choice, so the study has a few holes. What do you think? Do you think not having children affects your life span? 

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