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Count Calories With Smartphone Photo

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1-count-calories-with-smartphone-photoNew food app under construction can count calories via smartphone photo.

Right now, if you take photos of food on a smartphone, you're probably about to post it to social media sites so your friends can weigh in. But what if snapping that photo could also help count calories and make an easy way to keep track of what you're eating? 

SRI International, the lab company that created the technology that brought us Siri, is currently developing an app that would give you a calorie count estimate by evaluating the different parts of your meal. This up-and-coming calorie counting app will calculate the calories based on a simple smartphone picture!

Fats, butter, and oil all add calories to each meal, but those things can't be seen in a smartphone photo. The company's executive director, Dror Oren, said that because of those things you may not get an exact calorie count, but the app will give you a pretty accurate range. The development team is also taking into account the fact that some foods (like quesadillas) have hidden ingredients. The photo may not capture the chicken inside the tortilla, but developers are taking that into consideration with the app's creation.

The technology won't be fully available for about a year, so you have plenty of time to hone your food photography skills.

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