covering_gray_hairs_-_CopyGoing Grey Early? Don't Let It Define You!    

There will come a time in every woman's life when she will have to face her first gray hair. Unfortunately, for some of us this time will come as early as our late twenties. Going prematurely grey isn't fun and can make a woman look older than she is. Covering grey hairs isn't anything to be ashamed of, and this article will explain all the basics for first time hair dye users.

Best Hair Color for Covering Grey Hairs

For some of us going gray isn't such a bad thing. Gray hair is a sign of our maturity--our way of showing our years on this earth. But there are those of us who have to face going grey way too soon, even before we reach our thirties. In this case, covering grey hairs can become a necessity. It might be tempting to use the cheapest hair dye at the store, but it's important to remember that hair is part of the body. There are pores on the scalp, and whatever chemicals we expose our hair to can be absorbed into the blood stream. This is why women who are pregnant are advised not to color or bleach their hair during pregnancy. It's also why it’s never advisable to color your hair more then every three months. When you do color your hair, there are some things to keep in mind.
  • Hair dyes come in several different types: semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. The stronger the formula, the longer the color will last.
  • Cream base hair color is easier to apply and is less messy to use that liquid and will provide better coverage over all when covering grey hair.
  • Go darker then your natural hair color. Gray hair absorbs less dye so light colors will fade quickly. 
  • Those with sensitive skin should use ammonia-free dyes.
  • Use a root touch up kit between colorings. You can also use to touch up sticks that are a temporary way to cover grey at the roots.
Talk to your hair dresser about coloring gray hair and what color would work best for you. Consider having a professional do the coloring job the first time. Your stylist can give you a high quality coloring that will cover grey hair well, and you can do root touch ups in between salon visits. Covering grey hairs isn't a matter of vanity. For some of us, it's a way of keeping our youthful appearance for as long as we possibly can. Don't allow going prematurely grey to negatively impact your life.
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