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  • Halloween Treat Stuffed Hands

    Halloween Treat Stuffed Hands

    There's nothing creepier than a pair of surgical gloves. With this Halloween treat-stuffed hand there's no need for the kids to be digging around in a bowl. The gloves are super easy to hand out and make for a great way to contain your treats! It also provides the little ones a way to eat their goodies mess-free, using the glove as a trash bin once they're done. The parents will be thanking you! Top the hand off with some spider rings to secure a spook.

  • Purple People Eater Treat Bags

    Purple People Eater Treat Bags

    These purple people eater treat bags are a perfect way to hand out candy plus they can be saved for next year's round of trick-or-treating-- bewitching and reusable! Just be careful when you open them - they might bite!

  • Pumpkin Candy Holders

    Pumpkin Candy Holders

    What could be more fun than grabbing your favorite candy out of your favorite monster's mouth?! These faux carved pumpkin candy holders will last your family years of trick-of-treaters!

  • Printable Candy Holders

    Printable Candy Holders

    Printables are ideal for an easy way to spice up your candy presentation, not to mention free! With just a few steps, you'll have creative candy holders that fit just the right amount of treats without contributing to their possible sugar overload!

  • Treat-Filled Pumpkin Balloons

    Treat-Filled Pumpkin Balloons

    Make them work for their candy with these creative treat-filled decorated pumpkin balloons. Every kid loves interactive gifts and these balloons will give them the kind of end of the day Halloween fun they long for, making their fright night fun last just a little bit longer.

  • Spider Suckers

    Spider Suckers

    What's creepy, crawly, and tastes like Tootsies?! These spider suckers! If you're feeling crafty, these eight legged candy creatures will take you back to elementary art complete with pipe cleaners! If you hand these little guys out to your neighbors, your treats will definitely be the talk of the town.

  • Mummy Candy Cans

    Mummy Candy Cans

    These mummified candy cans are adorable! They're a great way to confine the candy amount and give them something they will treasure past Halloween night. We're sure the kids will keep these candy cans out for decoration come next year's celebrations.

  • Halloween Themed Candy Dispensers

    Halloween Themed Candy Dispensers

    These candy dispensers are another way to get the kids involved. Spending a few minutes trying to figure out how and where the candy comes from just makes it that much more exciting when they do! It's all in the anticipatory candy chow down.

  • Creepy Candy Bowl

    Creepy Candy Bowl

    Why buy an automated hand treat bowl when you and your family could make a DIY one?! Set aside a family craft day and indulge in some paper mache madness with this creepy candy bowl!

  • Ghost Disguised Lollipops

    Ghost Disguised Lollipops

    This idea is time efficient and amps up the typical sucker, making it just that much sweeter.  Having the little treaters intrigued by your treat doesn't take much with these ghost lollies (only four materials needed!)

  • Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers

    Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers

    Candy bar wrappers are a parent's best friend because they ensure that each kid gets an equal and reasonable amount of candy: just one bar! This idea avoids all the crazy kid banter of who got more candy from the bowl. Plus what kid wouldn't love a chocolate bar enveloped by Dracula's cape?

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