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Ah, the mighty crane has finally beaten the mighty tiger. 

It was a normal day in Hangzhou, China until a strong breeze sent a red-crowned crane flying straight into the tiger enclosure at Fuyang Wildlife Park.

Much of the enclosure is covered, leaving little room for the bird to fly away. It seemed all was doomed for the beautiful creature as three tigers quickly closed in for the kill. But Master Crane wasn't going down without a fight. 

Whipping out some kung-fu like moves, the crane was able to keep the big cats back, and onlookers began cheering on the bird and mocking the tigers. 

Soon, the crane wasn't just defending itself but literally chasing the tigers around the enclosure! Whens the doors to the interior enclosure opened up, the tigers ran inside. Win for Master Crane!

Zookeepers then came outside and were able to release the crane, who suffered only minor injuries, from the enclosure.  

Check out the epic battle below!


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