CropTops1Crop tops can be a bit intimidating, but here are ways to make them look stylish!

The crop top: An article of clothing for the tall and skinny. Right? Wrong. There are ways to correctly bare your midriff without revealing it all, regardless of your body type. Embrace your body and feel confident! We've got seven different ways to style a crop top without looking like a disaster. 

JOG-0023497 Ways to Wear a Crop Top

  1. Keep it classy by never baring your belly button. Instead, pair your crop top with high waisted skirts or pants to showcase only a sliver of skin.
  2. It's a balancing act of proportions. Aim to showcase the smallest part of your waist with your crop hitting just above and your bottom just below.
  3. To achieve a casual look, try a flowy version with a maxi skirt and flat sandals.
  4. Want to turn up the cool? Pair leather with a pop of color and a printed shoe.
  5. For a bold statement, try a skirt and crop top in a matching pattern of floral, stripes or polka dots.
  6. A black and white combo is always a safe bet.
  7. Not ready to bare it all? Layer your crop top over a long blouse and fitted denim for a perfect fall look.

This article is a guest piece from contributing writer Megan Welsh. Megan is the blogger behind The Thread Affect, a personal lifestyle blog incorporating all the important aspects of her life including style, travel and recipes. She prides herself on finding designer quality items for affordable prices and mixing and matching individual pieces to create fresh new outfits. She loves to combine classic, timeless pieces with trendier "of-the-moment" items to keep her looks fresh and modern. You can visit her blog at

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