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3 Tools To Create Yummy Mexican Cuisine

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Mexican food is one of the most loved cuisines eaten in America. Whether it's mole covered burritos to a simple bean dip, it has become a form of comfort food for many. Now instead of schlepping to the nearest Mexican restaurant or ordering take-out, save some money and time with these three cool, and helpful, food tools. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

Create-yummy-Mexican-cusine-with-these-three-tools-1It doesn’t need to be cold outside to enjoy some yummy Mexican hot chocolate. Beloved for it’s smooth chocolate taste with a kick of spice, making Mexican hot chocolate can make even the warmest of days better. For those looking to create the real thing, check out this set. It includes Instagram-worthy printed chocolate squares with a traditional wood molinillo to make that yummy froth.

Find where to purchase here.


Empanada Fork


Create a flawless empanada in seconds! Empanadas are known for their versatility - who doesn’t want an empanada for breakfast and dessert. Plus they are super easy to put together - that is until you need to seal them. Opt for this stainless steel “fork” that will make empanadas easier to make - and eat. Yum!

Buy one for yourself here.


Churro Maker


Like flan and sopapillas, churros are a Mexican delicacy that is beloved by Americans. Now you no longer have to go to the nearest Mexican restaurant to get your hands covered in that cinnamon deliciousness. Learn how to make these delicious fried dough pastries with this fun kit! To get a more authentic Mexican experience, drizzle some dulce de leche and sprinkle a ton of cinnamon sugar on top. 

Get your own churro maker here.

Photo Credit: UncommonGoods.com, GourmetSleuth.com

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