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When 21 weeks rolled around, I couldn’t wait until I found out my baby’s gender. I think all moms feel the same way though. As long your baby is happy and healthy, you’ll be happy with either! But knowing the gender can help make things easier to plan. Here are some other clever ideas to inspire you! 

Painted Hands: Get messy with the hubby and paint the inside of your hands with either blue or pink paint and take one photo with you and hubby’s hands on your belly and another with your hands removed, revealing the color! 

Balloon Box Reveal: Take a candid shot as you and the daddy-to-be open a box filled with either pink or blue balloons! 

16432-balloon-box-revealPhoto Credit: russellmartinphotography.com

Baby Shoes: I don’t know anyone who can resist baby shoes! Kick your feet up on the table or ottoman, and place baby shoes in either blue or pink. You could even do this as a black or white photo and make only the baby shoes in color!  

Blow a Balloon or Bubble: Use your mouth to shout your big news and either blow up a balloon in your selected color or use chewing gum! You could even have both of you blow a bubble but have one of them popped. Search online for some creative ways to use bubblegum or balloons! 

16432-blow-balloonsPhoto Credit: 7x7xmommy.com

Classic Cake Slice: You could also do this if you host a gender reveal party. Take a snapshot of your gender reveal cake, as a whole, and the next picture, have a nice slice on a plate with the cake dyed either blue or pink. 

Share with us on social media what your gender reveal photo looked like and give our mommy-to-be readers some fun ideas!   


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